Our legacy


    Kadamba has been in operation for over 22 years with proven track record of many successful initiatives.

    In 2019, the firm has stepped into IT division, where its plan was to cater its own internal requirements.

    In 2021, Kadamba took a call to create a variety of products and provide specialised services for enterprises of all sizes.

    Soon after, Kadamba began offering its services to cooperative institutions, as well as other businesses interested in implementing cutting-edge technology developments.

    Now that we've made the leap into the digital sphere, where we can provide our game-changing technology to the wider range of bottom-line institutions, even those who are away from digital inclusiveness.


Empower clients with assured growth

Cost-effective Solutions

We provide services to our customers after carefully assessing their needs. And make sure our solutions are affordable and yield quantifiable outcomes for every customer. We offer the same standard of service to the banking, healthcare, transportation, and other sectors as well.

Personalized services

Based on our customers specific requirements, we can provide either individual or company-wide support. Our expert consulting services and innovative approaches are the result of over many years in the industry. We have earned our customers' confidence over the years by consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations for both delivery time and price.

Dedicated Support System

Kadamba has a dedicated team that's available whenever our consumers have questions or concerns. Our primary focus is our customers satisfaction.

Innovative solutions

As a group, we constantly push the envelope with new ideas and original works. Since we have an expert advisory committee and a team of skilled workforce who work together to create our innovative cutting-edge technology products.