Integrated Human Resource Management System (IHRMS)

An intelligent enterprise-ready HRMS

Integrated Human Resource Management System

Integrated Human resource management software by Kadamba, would allow you to keep track of all of your employees' information, including payroll, recruitment, benefits, training, talent management, employee engagement, and attendance.

Automate and streamline all the procedures while increasing productivity by incorporating the IHRMS into your current setup.

IHRMS's primary features, such as applicant tracking, employee attendance tracking, payroll processing, workforce optimization, and employee engagement, contribute to improved HR performance, lower error rates in data entry and computation.

In one line we would say that, Kadamba offers a convenient one-stop shop for all of your management needs.

Exceptional features offered by Kadamba HRMS:

    Ability to automate maximum HR processes, simplify human interactions and deliver actionable insights.

    Instant handling of multiple actions like recruitment, onboarding, reminders and notifications, and more in real-time.

    Integration of modules for payroll, attendance, workforce, performance management, etc. to optimize and maximize outputs of an organization.

    Ease of access to the software by all the stakeholders (Management, employees, managers, HRs, etc.) from anywhere, anytime.

    Provides location-based attendance system.

    Offers a dynamic leave management system with predefined employee yearly leave and holiday management .

    Seamless tracking of task management and its processes.

    Highly adaptable with a simplistic user interface that can offer a customer- centric experience.

    Secure confidential data related to employee details, policies of the organization, structural hierarchy, and much more.

    Stay compliant with regulatory modifications in tax laws and updates, labour laws, and other related guidelines.

Here are the benefits of Kadamba HRMS:


Centralied platform which increases the productivity


Automated process which avails time and Cost-Efficiency

Human Errors

Reduces human errors which increases accuracy


Enhances legal compliance with various procedural flow


Improves internal communication between departments


Real-Time Monitoring of workflows and employees productivity