Core banking ERP Software

Technology breakthrough that shapes the future of banking!

Why Kadamba ERP?

Kadamba's ERP software for banks has been meticulously crafted by a group of banking specialists with many years of experience and extensive understanding in the field. After three years of research, this programme finally hit the market.

Its not a simple ERP software. It’s an integrated IT platform with many comprehensive software’s in one management chain. Kadamba is the pioneering company to introduce such management software platform first time in banking and cooperative sector. Therefore, we call it as Integrated Banking Management System.

Integrated Banking Management System

We offer comprehensive banking solutions by providing un-matchable unique software’s and services first time in banking industry.

Our service in not limited only for providing a software platform. We have integrated all the necessary services in banking service such as customers onboarding to managing their accounts with personal care. Everything is automated here.

We provide bellow mentioned all the completely automated solutions (Most of them are copyright protected and available only in Kadamba) for each institution for managing their individual customers accounts and documentations as well as their financial or any special needs.

Our Software’s / Solutions

  • Walks in Software
  • Tab based account opening
  • E-KYC
  • Core banking account software with customer support system
  • Integrated loan software with recovery follow up’s
  • Mobile banking app
  • CRM Software & Services
  • CMS system
  • Human resource Management
  • Task management
  • Service banking solutions
  • Community Banking system

Why need ERP for banking?



For quick access to data


For enhanced data security


To save on operational costs

Want to boost your productivity by automating your entire workflow?

Then leverage some or all of the below-mentioned features of Kadamba ERP software that are:


Centralied admin control with maker and checker-based approach

Secured platform

Highly secured plaform with multiple authetication


Customized according to clients requirements

24 X 7 Support

Dedicated support team for after deployment support

Quick Access

As a cloud based software accessible from anywhere

Track process

Diary, task, and workflow systems, never forget or miss a task


Advanced reporting & analytics to enhance business

EKYC process

Aadhar based EKYC to ensure athenticity and authorisation